Deprecated API

Deprecated Interfaces
          use AuthenticationHandler instead
          use AuthenticationSupport instead
          Since 2.1. Use the ResourceResolverFactory
          Use the request progress tracker instead.
          The SlingScriptResolver interface is intended to be implemented and also used by project specific code. To keep the API as clean as possible this interface was deprecated
          Use the SlingSettingsService 

Deprecated Classes
          see AuthenticationHandler
          Use RequestUtil
          Use ResponseUtil
          Use the SlingAdaptable instead 

Deprecated Enums
          Use JobUtil.JobPriority 

Deprecated Exceptions
          see Authenticator 

Deprecated Fields
          Use "service.ranking" (org.osgi.framework.Constants.SERVICE_RANKING) instead
          Use EngineConstants.SLING_FILTER_SCOPE instead
          Use JobUtil.JOB_ID
          Use JobUtil.PROPERTY_JOB_NAME
          Use JobUtil.PROPERTY_JOB_RETRIES
          Use JobUtil.PROPERTY_JOB_RUN_LOCAL
          Use JobUtil.PROPERTY_JOB_TOPIC
          as of bundle version 2.1
          Use SlingConstants.SLING_CURRENT_SERVLET_NAME
          Use SlingSettingsService.SLING_HOME
          Use SlingSettingsService.SLING_HOME_URL
          Use JobUtil.TOPIC_JOB
          Use JobUtil.TOPIC_JOB_CANCELLED
          Use JobUtil.TOPIC_JOB_FAILED
          Use JobUtil.TOPIC_JOB_FINISHED
          Use JobUtil.TOPIC_JOB_STARTED 

Deprecated Methods
          Use JobUtil.acknowledgeJob(Event)
          Use JobStatusProvider.removeJob(String) instead., String)
          Use JobStatusProvider.removeJob(String, String) instead.
          This method is deprecated since version 2.1 and will be removed. It should never be called by clients.
          Use {link JobUtil.finishedJob(Event), Map...)
          Use JobStatusProvider.queryAllJobs(String, Map...) instead.
          Use JobStatusProvider.queryCurrentJobs(String, Map...) instead., Map...)
          Use JobStatusProvider.queryCurrentJobs(String, Map...) instead.
          since 2.1.0, use Resource.getName() instead
          since 2.1.0, use Resource.getParent() instead
   , double)
          since 2.0.4, use OsgiUtil.toDouble(Object, double) instead
          Call ResourceUtil.findResourceSuperType(Resource), String)
          Use ResourceUtil.getResourceSuperType(ResourceResolver, String)
          Use JobStatusProvider.queryScheduledJobs(String, Map...) instead., Map...)
          Use JobStatusProvider.queryScheduledJobs(String, Map...) instead.
          Use JobUtil.isJobEvent(Event)
          since 2.1.0 because the method is named incorrectly.
          since 2.1.0 because it maps the method name incorrectly.
          since 2.1.0 because it maps the method name incorrectly.
          since 2.1.0, use Resource.listChildren() instead, JobProcessor)
          Use JobUtil.processJob(Event,, String, Principal, String[], String[], String[])
          use @link AccessControlUtil.replaceAccessControlEntry(Session, String, Principal, String[], String[], String[], String) instead.
          Use JobUtil.rescheduleJob(Event)
          as of 2.0.4, use ResourceResolver.resolve(HttpServletRequest, String) instead.
          Use ResourceUtil.resourceTypeToPath(String) 

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