Interface SlingScriptResolver

Deprecated. The SlingScriptResolver interface is intended to be implemented and also used by project specific code. To keep the API as clean as possible this interface was deprecated

public interface SlingScriptResolver

The ScriptResolver interface defines the API for a service capable of locating scripts. Where the script is actually located is an implementation detail of the service implementation.

Method Summary
 SlingScript findScript(ResourceResolver resourceResolver, String name)
          Deprecated. Finds the SlingScript for the given name.

Method Detail


SlingScript findScript(ResourceResolver resourceResolver,
                       String name)
Finds the SlingScript for the given name.

The semantic meaning of the name is implementation specific: It may be an absolute path to a Resource providing the script source or it may be a relative path resolved according to some path settings. Finally, the name may also just be used as an identifier to find the script in some registry.

resourceResolver - The ResourceResolver used to access the script.
name - The script name. Must not be null.
The SlingScript to which the name resolved or null otherwise.
SlingException - If an error occurrs trying to resolve the name.

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