Sample pipes

Pipebuilder samples

those are samples built with pipebuilder api you can

echo | $ | children | write

write repository user prefix Ms/Mr depending on gender

  .write("fullName","${(profile.gender === 'female' ? 'Ms ' + profile.fullName : 'Mr ' + profile.fullName)}")

echo | $ | multiProperty | auth | write

move badge<->user relation ship from badge->users MV property to a user->badges MV property

echo | children | children | echo | json | write

this use case is for completing repository website with external system's data (that has an json api), it does

  • loop over "my:Page" country/language tree under /content/mySite,
  • fetch json with contextual parameter that must be in upper case,
  • and write part of the returned json in the current resource.

This pipe is run asynchronously in case the execution takes long.

echo | $ | parent | rm
  • query all user profile nodes with bad properties,
  • get the parent node (user node)
  • remove it

some other samples are in