Sling Git Repositories

This is the list of all Sling source code repositories, generated by a script found in the sling-aggregator project.

They should be classified in categories like 'core', 'contrib' etc. as we did in our svn repository. This is still a work in progress, if you're unsure about the status of one of these repositories please ask on our dev list.

We also have specific documentation about some of these modules on the Bundles page.

Group: adapter

Group: auth

Group: bnd

Group: caconfig

Group: contentparser

Group: crankstart

Group: discovery

Group: distribution

Group: event

Group: feature

Group: fragment

Group: hapi

Group: hc

Group: installer

Group: jcr

Group: jobs

Group: junit

Group: karaf

Group: launchpad

Group: models

Group: nosql

Group: repoinit

Group: scripting

Group: servlets

Group: starter

Group: testing

Group: tooling

Group: validation