The Apache Sling Resource Editor

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Currently it allows to display the node properties and edit nodes.

  • Node editing includes adding, renaming and deleting nodes.
  • Multi selection of nodes, Keyboard controls for navigation and shortcuts are provided. Click on the info icon in the tree to get detailed information.
  • The node names are HTML and URL encoded.
  • The add node dialog provides you with the allowed node name / node type / resource type options and its combinations to prevent errors soon. Click on the info icon in the dialog to discover more.
  • The nodes are bookmarkable.


The features for the node tree are finished so far. Now the work on making properties editable begins.


  1. Follow the instructions for Getting and Building Sling.
  2. The contrib/explorers/resourceeditor/README file in SVN tells you how to install the Resource Editor.
  3. Open http://localhost:8080/reseditor/.html in your browser.
  4. Enjoy!