Content Package Installer Factory

The content package installer factory provides support for Jackrabbit FileVault Content Packages to the OSGI installer. The provisioning of artifacts is handled by installer providers like the file installer or the JCR installer.

Content Packages

Content Packages must be provided with extension .zip. They will be automatically installed/uninstalled via the JcrPackageManager API. The (un-)installation behaviour can be further tweaked via the OSGi configuration provided for PID


As of version 1.0.4 the bundle requires a service user mapping to function correctly. An example mapping, using the provisioning model is

The service user requires needs access to all locations which are covered by packages and to /etc/packages itself.

A sample user configuration using repoinit is

create service user sling-package-install

set ACL for sling-package-install
    allow  jcr:all     on  /
    allow  jcr:namespaceManagement,jcr:nodeTypeDefinitionManagement on :repository

In addition it is necessary to list the service user in the OSGi configuration for PID org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.packaging.impl.PackagingImpl to allow execution of Install Hooks.

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