Apache Sling IDE Tooling 1.2 released

This page contains information about the new features in the Sling IDE Tooling 1.2.0 release. For a full overview of the features and installation instructions, please see the Sling IDE Tooling documentation page.

Custom contribution for provisioning model feature files

Content projects using slingstart packaging now have a custom contribution that makes provisioning model files easier to access.

Slingstart Project

Enhanced error reporting for content projects

The content navigator now shows warnings and error markers, making it easier to spot problems.

Content navigator warnings

Additionally, XML files are now checked using a validator aware for FileVault serialization semantics, which means validation can be enabled without triggering false errors.

Content navigator XML validation

More fine-grained control over the Maven project configurators

The Maven project configurators for content bundle projects can now be enabled and disabled at the workspace level. Additionally, only the additional WTP natures and facets can be disabled for content projects.

The preferences can be accesed via Sling IDEMaven Project Configurator preference page.

Maven Project Configurator preferences

Support for the bnd-maven-plugin

Projects configured usign the bnd-maven-plugin are now properly configured as bundle projects. Previously only the maven-bundle-plugin was supported.

Support for the new Jackrabbit filevault-package-maven-plugin

Projects configured using the filevault-package-maven-plugin from Apache Jackrabbit are now properly configured as content projects. Previously only the content-package-maven-plugin