Request Listeners

Sling provides the possibility to "listen" to a request processed by the Sling Engine (SlingMainServlet). To get notified you implement the service interface

public interface SlingRequestListener {
	static final String SERVICE_NAME = "";	

	 * This method is called from the Sling application for every
	 * <code>EventType</code> appearing during the dispatching of
	 * a Sling request  
	 * @param sre the object representing the event
	 * @see
	public void onEvent( SlingRequestEvent sre );

There are no special properties to set.

Supported types of events

At the moment you will get two different types of SlingRequestEvent:

events types (SlingRequestEvent.EventType) point in time
EVENT_INIT after entering the service method in SlingMainServlet. Note that this will be after the handleSecurity call.
EVENT_DESTROY at the end of the service method in SlingMainServlet
- ( Request Listeners )