Interface Summary
PersistableValueMap The PersistableValueMap is an extension of the ValueMap which allows to modify and persist the properties.
Resource Resources are pieces of content on which Sling acts The Resource is also an Adaptable to get adapters to other types.
ResourceProvider API for providers of resources.
ResourceResolver The ResourceResolver defines the service API which may be used to resolve Resource objects.
ValueMap The ValueMap is an easy way to access properties of a resource.

Class Summary
NonExistingResource Simple helper class representing nonexisting resources.
ResourceMetadata The ResourceMetadata interface defines the API for the metadata of a Sling Resource.
ResourceUtil The ResourceUtil class provides helper methods dealing with resources.
ResourceWrapper The ResourceWrapper is a wrapper for any Resource delegating all method calls to the wrapped resource by default.
SyntheticResource The SyntheticResource class is a simple implementation of the Resource interface which may be used to provide a resource object which has no actual resource data.

Exception Summary
PersistenceException This exception will be thrown during the try to persists changes to a PersistableValueMap.
QuerySyntaxException The QuerySyntaxException is thrown by the ResourceResolver.findResources(String, String) and ResourceResolver.queryResources(String, String) methods if the query syntax is wrong or the requested query language is not available.
ResourceNotFoundException An Exception that causes Sling to return a 404 (NOT FOUND) status code.

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