Interface Summary
RequestParameter The RequestParameter class represents a single parameter sent with the client request.
RequestParameterMap The RequestParameterMap encapsulates all request parameters of a request.
RequestPathInfo Sling breaks the request URI into four parts: the path itself, optional dot-separated selectors and extension that follow it, and an optional path suffix.
RequestProgressTracker The RequestProgressTracker class provides the functionality to track the progress of request processing.

Class Summary
RequestDispatcherOptions RequestDispatcherOptions are used in the SlingHttpServletRequest.getRequestDispatcher(, RequestDispatcherOptions) method, to give more control on some aspects of the include/forward mechanism.

Exception Summary
RecursionTooDeepException The RecursionTooDeepException is thrown by the Sling implementation if to many recursive content inclusions take place.
TooManyCallsException The TooManyCallsException is thrown by the Sling implementation if to many inclusions have been called for during a single request.

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