Class NonExistingResource

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Adaptable, Resource

public final class NonExistingResource
extends SyntheticResource

Simple helper class representing nonexisting resources.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
NonExistingResource(ResourceResolver resourceResolver, java.lang.String resourceURI)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getResourceType()
          The resource type is meant to point to rendering/processing scripts, editing dialogs, etc.
 java.lang.String toString()
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adaptTo, getPath, getResourceMetadata, getResourceResolver, getResourceSuperType, setResourceType
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Constructor Detail


public NonExistingResource(ResourceResolver resourceResolver,
                           java.lang.String resourceURI)
Method Detail


public final java.lang.String getResourceType()
Description copied from interface: Resource
The resource type is meant to point to rendering/processing scripts, editing dialogs, etc. It is usually a path in the repository, where scripts and other tools definitions are found, but the ResourceResolver is free to set this to any suitable value such as the primary node type of the JCR node from which the resource is created.

If the resource instance represents a resource which is not actually existing, this method returns the Resource.RESOURCE_TYPE_NON_EXISTING.

Specified by:
getResourceType in interface Resource
getResourceType in class SyntheticResource


public java.lang.String toString()
toString in class SyntheticResource

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