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The documentation is split into different parts:

How can you contribute

We're on the way to improve the documentation, but it's a long way. If you would like to contribute to the documentation you are very welcome. Please directly post your proposals to the public wiki or post your suggestions to the mailing list.

How is the documentation generated

The basic documentation of Sling is made up of four parts:

  1. The Sling Site at (you are here)
  2. The Public Wiki at
  3. The JavaDoc
  4. The Bundle documentation

This page is about how this documentation is maintained and who is allowed to do what.

The Sling Site

Main Site

The main Sling Site is maintained in the Confluence Wiki Space SLINGxSITE. The content of this space is automatically synchronized with the web server with a simple shell script which is called regularly as per the following crontab entry:

# sync wiki autoexport to Sling site
1 * * * * (/home/fmeschbe/

Thus, after editing the site source in the Wiki, the rest happens automatically, it just takes some time – in the order 2 hours or so – before the changes are visible at

Everybody is allowed to read the SLINGxSITE wiki and to add comments; but only committers of the Apache Sling project are allowed to edit the content and to manage the comments.

The main site is located in the site folder below the Site URL to which users are redirected automatically.

Secondary Site

The Sling site contains secondary site parts that are maintained in the Apache SVN repository at Updates to secondary parts of the site have to be done in the following steps:

1. Checkout or update the site tree form SVN.

$ svn checkout

2. Apply your changes.

3. Commit the changes back into SVN.

$ svn commit -m"<enter your message here>"

4. Login to

$ ssh

5. Go to the location from where infrastructure mirroring is getting the actual sites and update from SVN.

$ cd /x1/www/
$ svn update

After some time, the updates will be synchronized to the web servers and can be accessed.

The Public Wiki

The public wiki of Sling is available at and is maintained in the Confluence space SLING. This is a public wiki, in that after self-registration, everybody is allowed to edit content.

The JavaDoc

Up until now the JavaDoc of the Sling Bundles has not been published.

I just polished the JavaDoc generation setup of Sling a bit, so that I could generate a first shot of aggregate JavaDocs. This draft can currently be found on my site at This JavaDoc has been generated as follows:

$ svn export -r 762729 sling
$ mvn -DexcludePackageNames="*.impl:*.internal:*.jsp:sun.misc:*.juli" org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-javadoc-plugin:2.5:aggregate

I am still unsure whether it makes sense to generate aggregate JavaDoc for all (or part of) the bundles of Sling. See also below regarding the Sites.

The Bundle Documentation

Apart from the documentation of Sling on the Site and in the Wiki, it would also be thinkable that we accompany the source modules with some documentation and generate this using the Maven Site plugin. My tests so far for generating a multi-module site have not been very successful. But generating the site in a module-by-module manner might be a good thing, at least to get the per-module JavaDoc and some more code-oriented information like Surefire Reports, fixed bugs, etc.

To prepare such Bundle Documentation I added a first shot at site generation setup to the parent project. For now, this includes the module's JavaDoc (of course), the Surefire reports and a report on the issues fixed (or open) with respect to some version. This site generation setup can be configured per module with two properties:

Property Description The ID of the JIRA version whose bugs are to be listed in the JIRA report. This is a number, such as 12313306 (Sling API version 2.0.4).
site.javadoc.exclude The Java packages to not include with the JavaDoc generation. By default all packages containing impl or internal in their name are excluded. To add more packages for exclusion, list them in the format suitable for the excludePackageNames property of the Maven JavaDoc plugin. For example, to exclude any jsp and juli packages (see the scripting/jsp bundle), this property would be set to *.jsp:*.juli.
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