See Project Information for details about the tools mentioned below.

Apache Sling is a volunteer effort, so there is always plenty of work that needs to be accomplished. If you want to help support Sling, this page is intended as a starting point for specific contribution ideas. To further understand how the Sling community operates, refer to the Community Roles and Processes document and/or join the mailing lists.

The Sling project organizes its "to do" list using the JIRA issue tracking system. Specific items from Sling's JIRA issue tracking system are highlighted on this page, but are not limited to it. The purpose of the list here is to highlight issues that are either more important or serve as good entry points for new contributors.

It is important to point out that you do not need to be a programmer to contribute to Sling. As such, we will break out the list of issues below for non-programmers and programmers.


Improve web site or documentation (e.g., create/propose FAQ entries). There is no specific JIRA issue for this task, but any contributions could be posted as new JIRA issues for the Documentation component.


Implement support for various rendering technologies in Sling. Examples coming to mind are JSF and Wicket.