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These pages contain further information in a more informal way.

* [Discover Sling in 15 minutes ](/documentation/getting-started/discover-sling-in-15-minutes.html) - title says it all

* [Resources](/documentation/the-sling-engine/resources.html) -- Presents the Resource as the object around which Sling is built
* [Servlet Resolution](/old-stuff/servlet-resolution.html) -- How Sling resolves the servlet or script responsible for rendering a Resource.
* [Request Parameters](/documentation/the-sling-engine/request-parameters.html) -- Explains how Sling provides request parameters to servlets, scripts and filters.
* [Repository Based Development](/documentation/development/repository-based-development.html) -- Shows how WebDAV is supported by Sling.

* [Bundle Management](/documentation/tutorials-how-tos/installing-and-upgrading-bundles.html) -- Explains how to install, upgrade and uninstall Bundles using the Sling Management console.

These pages refer to the old Component API and launcher, and remain referred to here until more up to date documentation has been prepared:

* [Getting and Building Sling](/documentation/development/getting-and-building-sling.html) -- A short recount on the first step for getting a running Sling instance after checking out the source from the SVN repository
* [Default Mapping and Rendering](/documentation/the-sling-engine/default-mapping-and-rendering.html) -- Explains default mapping of repository nodes to Content instances and selection of a default Component.
* [Dispatching Requests](/documentation/the-sling-engine/dispatching-requests.html) -- Explains how a Component may dispatch requests to include further content renderings in the response to the client's request
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