JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Fix Version
New Feature SLING-7915 Configure the package name under which HTL classes are generated HTL Maven Plugin 1.2.0-1.4.0
Bug SLING-7581 Using data-sly-use with two classes with same name will generate uncompilable code Scripting HTL Java Compiler 1.0.26-1.4.0, HTL Maven Plugin 1.1.8-1.4.0
New Feature SLING-7681 HTL 1.4 support Scripting HTL Engine 1.0.54-1.4.0, Scripting HTL Testing 1.0.10-1.4.0, Scripting HTL Testing Content 1.0.10-1.4.0, HTL Maven Plugin 1.1.6-1.4.0, Scripting HTL Compiler 1.0.22-1.4.0, Scripting HTL Java Compiler 1.0.24-1.4.0
Sub-task SLING-7745 [HTL] Update the htl-maven-plugin HTL Maven Plugin 1.1.6-1.4.0
Improvement SLING-7406 Provide HTL specification version info in artifact names Scripting HTL Java Compiler 1.0.22-1.3.1, HTL Maven Plugin 1.1.4-1.3.1, Scripting HTL Compiler 1.0.20-1.3.1, Scripting HTL Engine 1.0.48-1.3.1, Scripting HTL Testing 1.0.6-1.3.1, Scripting HTL Testing Content 1.0.8-1.3.1
Bug SLING-7287 htl-maven-plugin:validate fails with windows path names HTL Maven Plugin 1.1.2
Improvement SLING-7155 htl-maven-plugin: Add option to precompile the HTL scripts HTL Maven Plugin 1.1.0
Improvement SLING-6651 Improve documentation for htl-maven-plugin HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.8
Improvement SLING-7026 htl-maven-plugin: Namespace all user properties HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.8
Bug SLING-7025 htl-maven-plugin: Correctly state default values for include parameter HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.8
Bug SLING-6445 HTL scripts do not compile on Windows if the compiler needs to generate any warnings Scripting HTL Compiler 1.0.6, HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.6
Bug SLING-6230 The SightlyCompiler reports errors and warnings with an offset by one for the line count Scripting HTL Compiler 1.0.4, HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.4
Improvement SLING-6084 htl-maven-plugin should provide skip parameter HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.2
Improvement SLING-6083 htl-maven-plugin should not fail when source directory not found HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.2
Improvement SLING-5863 Make the sightly-maven-plugin m2e compatible HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.0
New Feature SLING-5788 Implement a Sightly Maven Plugin HTL Maven Plugin 1.0.0